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Rehearsal Room Blog

Join us as we explore enter The Changeling rehearsal room... Over the next few weeks cast and creative will be blogging daily sharing their experience of working as an ensemble, their research and staging this monumental play. 


Today was all about meeting: meeting the cast, meeting the creative team, meeting the rehearsal space, and importantly - meeting the text. A first full cast read on our feet as we start to unpick this delicious, vivid, gory and violently beautiful language; as we start to delve into what Middleton is actually doing and saying in (arguably) one of the more obscure pieces of classical texts. Eyes are everywhere; it’s body not brain; death is gruesomely exacting; time seems fluid not fixed - just a few things that ring out for me as I travel home from today. So much to uncover. So excited.

Emma Wilkinson Wright (Vermandera)

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The cast and creative entered THE CHANGELING rehearsal room for the first time, excited, nervous, filled with trepidation but with thirst to get started. Over the next few weeks cast and creative will be blogging about their experience, whether that be directly about the play or working as an ensemble. We will also offer you the chance to ask them anything you'd like to know more about. So join us daily for The Changeling rehearsal room blog...

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