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Rehearsal Room Blog

Join us as we explore enter The Changeling rehearsal room... Over the next few weeks cast and creative will be blogging daily sharing their experience of working as an ensemble, their research and staging this monumental play. 


Well - that’s a wrap!! (don’t panic, only for rehearsals!) This week has been all about putting the play back together after all the detailed excavation work. And yes people - the good news is that the hard work is paying off - we have a play!! (Yay/Phew!). There’s much more to be done for sure - I’m of the view that making theatre is something akin to peeling a never ending onion - you just keep taking off layer after layer, and if you think you’ve reached the core, you’re fucked: there’s always more to explore, discover and play with. Even after the last night.

And so we are now on the ski-slope. Heading into tech next week and then SEVEN - yes - SEVEN previews before we unleash the beast properly on the world. GET READY!

And so the cast now heads to the pub for a much earned pint (or 2 or 3) before heading home for 4 days now - a lovely long weekend - time to reflect, read, embed, think - and importantly - rest.

Emma Wilkinson Wright (Vermandera)

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Doing some blog catch ups, been a heavy week. Thanks to Edo and his notes.

French scene was absolutely bonkers. Felt like a boxing match was taking place between the characters in the scene. I enjoyed being a rowdy crowd cheering on or booing who I wanted, it was quite a lot of fun. Shout out to Gavin for the great playlist aswell, very well selected!!

Day 12:

The staging of all of us round the table was quite an image. I really liked how simple and refined it made the acting, I could have watched it all day. Really excited for this progression. Going through the French scene observations aswell, it feels like the play is basically obsessed with religion/fate and body parts, which is a very interesting combination.

Day 13:

Last week in Deptford, going to miss the Caribbean takeaway shop next door. We’re gonna begin staging from now, and now have madhouse plot songs decided. It’s going to be a big week. Here we go!

Day 14:

We’ve been flying through the staging. It’s shaping up quite nicely, it’s also quite unreal how quickly scenes move into action, barely a moment to breathe and it’s onto the next one. Still figuring out how to play with the space and the table, it’s something I’d like to do more of to get comfortable.

Day 15:

233 on the keepie uppie and smashed that second game, think that needed an audience, it was quite a moment! Still can’t believe I haven’t won shit/crap, not letting go of that one anytime soon. Carousel of doom and the amazing performances from our fantastic band ‘The Patients’, the play really has it all at this point!

Day 16:

We did our first run, blimey!!! It happened - we have a play. I really like what Ricky said about tautening the scenes and the tasting of the words, it’s something I really wanna work more on with my scenes over this weekend. Tech and previews next week – wow, where has the time gone?! I think it's going to be quite the ride this next month!

Olsen Elezi (Tomazo)

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My body was filled with excitement as I entered the room, it refused to admit fatigue. This was going to be our final rehearsal before the madhouse arrives at Southwark.

We spent the morning ironing and refining isolated moments and running songs in context. Before lunch, I took time to touch every nook and cranny of my journey round the stage, ready for our first ever run. I was intrigued to discover just how much of Alsemero’s physical journey had filtered into my subconscious, the realm of automaticity, and what remaining technical stuff I might have to consciously contend with.

As it turns out, a lot had sunk in, freeing me up to access flow a few times. I was thrilled! Everyone’s work over the weeks has paid off. Don’t get me wrong, we still have a ways to go but to get it up in the space like that and realise it all hangs together was great fuel for next week. WE HAVE A SHOW.

Mylo McDonald (Alsemero)

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