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Jamie O'Neill and the Company of The Changeling (glove scene). Production photograhy by Ch


2023 Company of The Changeling, Image by Charles Flint


Casting for our forthcoming production of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar has now closed.


Below, our Casting Overview will remain for Performer / Agent reference throughout the casting process.

To be first to receive all casting info for future projects / Productions please sign up to our Performer / Agent mailing list via button below. 

Open Casting Notice
We acknowledge that not all great performers are represented by agents – so we welcome submissions from represented and non-represented performers and are committed to casting all Lazarus productions via an open casting notice. 

JULIUS CAESAR - The Production

“Men at some time are masters of their fates.
The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars
But in ourselves, that we are underlings.”

A new era awaits.

Caesar is a God amongst men. Caesar has returned to Rome in triumph after a bitter and bloody civil war, his extraordinary rise in popularity strikes horror in those who fear that too much power held by one man is a threat to the Republic and democracy itself. 

Led by Cassius, a group of conspirators convince Brutus to join in the search for a way to remove the tyrannical Caesar, their bloody actions lead to all-out war. 

This brand new, contemporary, ensemble production set inside a government media spin room examines the relationship between our political leaders, the media and the ways in which we engage with and consume news. Can we ever really trust what we see on our screens?

Shakespeare’s political thriller plays at Southwark Playhouse this Autumn in what is set to be a hotly contested electoral year in the UK, US and across Europe.

Julius Caesar marks the fifth collaboration between Lazarus Theatre Company and Southwark Playhouse.

Julius Caesar is Directed by our Artistic Director Ricky Dukes

Casting Process Overview
We will be casting the company via 4 stages: 
Stage 1: Casting notice with character breakdown posted & submissions for headshots & CV’s open.
Stage 2: Successful applicants will be invited to submit a self-tape using a selected piece of text.
Stage 3: Successful applicants will be invited to an in-person first round group workshop audition. 
Stage 4: Successful applicants will be invited to an in-person recall group workshop audition.

What are we looking for?
Our new production will be intensely ensemble. All actors will be on stage for the duration of the performance and as such we will rehearse as a full company, in the rehearsal room all together, all of the time. 

We want our stages to represent our community so would strongly encourage performers from working class or global majority backgrounds to apply. Lazarus has a very keen and specific text process so those with little as well as good and excellent prior classical text experience should still apply. 

We want to meet you – so please audition in your own accent. 


As an ensemble all Lazarus performers receive the same rehearsal and performance rate as each other. Rates are based on or above London Living Wage and will be paid monthly. 

Heads up
Julius Caesar the play and this production contains:
•    Scenes of a violent nature including murder, stabbing and setting a character on fire
•    Graphic images of war 
•    Scenes of sexual nature (kissing)
•    The production will contain smoking, haze, fog, blood (on set, costumes and bodies), partial nudity (down to underwear), water on stage, flashing lights and screens
•    Extremely physical – cast on stage throughout & intense movement sequences 

Audition Dates:
Monday 13th May - Casting notice posted
Friday 17th May - Submission deadline (12 noon)
Monday 20th May - Self tape notification (invite or decline)
Monday 27th May - Self tape deadline (12noon)
Monday 3rd June - In-person audition notification (invite or decline)

Tuesday 11th June Venue tbc (will be in central of South East London)
Full Company In-person - 1st round (3hours) 
Group A 10.30am / Group B at 2.30pm

Wednesday 12th June 
Full Company In-person - 1st round (3hours) 
Group C 10.30am / Group D at 2.30pm

Thursday 13th June
Full Company In-person - 1st round (3hours)
Group E 10.30am / Group F at 2.30pm

Tuesday 18th June
Full Company In-person - Recall (3hours) 
Group One 10.30am / Group Two at 2.30pm

Wednesday 19th June
Full Company In-person - Recall (3hours) 
Group Three 10.30am / Group Four at 2.30pm

Project Dates:
Dates - Rehearsal
Rehearsal Dates: 5th Aug - 30th Aug 2024 (Venue tbc)
Mon – Friday 10am – 6pm

Dates - Performances
6th September - 5th October 2024 (Tue – Sat at 7.30pm. Tue, Thu & Sat at 3.00pm)
Press Night – Friday 13th September 2024
Closing Night – Saturday 5th October 2024

Casting submissions window has now closed, please do not submit a suggestion as they won't be considered.  If you have any further questions please contact us here



Casting Notice

Casting submission window closed on Friday 17th May at 12 noon.

Self tapes 


Lots of different casting directors / theatre companies want different things from a self tape so we thought we would just put a few thoughts together to hopefully help you with yours. And remember we want to meet you, so please audition in your own accent.

1)    Introduce yourself before you start the text, its great to meet you.
2)    Be clear in your points of reference, who is the character talking too?
3)    We don’t mind you looking into camera (we know some do), especially for direct address.
4)    Get your lighting spot on – a well lit room will help us see you.
5)    Be up on your feet, if you can, keep the energy in the body.
6)    Mid shots are great, we don’t need to see your whole body but from waist / chest up is really helpful when thinking about your physicality. 


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