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2020 Company of Macbeth, Image by Adam Trigg

Gregg Harris

Future Producers Scheme

To get paid, on-the-job, first hand experience is harder than ever, so we have launched the Gregg Harris Future Producer Scheme to support an emerging Producer, joining us as Assistant Producer on our first production in 2024.


The GHFPS supports an emerging Producer with a passion for classical and ensemble work to take an important first step in their professional journey by joining us as Assistant Producer on a full-scale production of a classic play.


The successful recipient will receive mentorship, training and ongoing support post production. 

We need to raise £2500 for each Producer which covers a fees and material costs.


Below are suggested donation amounts, if you would like to donate a different amount please email us, to set up a direct transfer.


Join us and become a GHFPS Supporter.

"Working closely with the Lazarus Theatre team has had a huge impact for me, not
only because this was my first professional experience as an assistant director, but also
because of how much I learned about encouraging playfulness and building creative
partnerships between actors and artists.  

I have never been part of a theatre-making process like this before, and I certainly won’t forget it!"

Tobias Millard, KPFDS Director on Hamlet 2023 

Gregg Harris sadly passed in June 2023, a keen and avid supporter of Lazarus Theatre Company Gregg acted as a mentor and steward particularly through incredibly hard times during the pandemic.

A company friend and dear colleague of our Artistic Director, Gregg always championed the underdog, fought injustice and respected those who graft.


The GHFPS we hope is a small yet fitting tribute to Greggs work and life.


Are you an emerging Producer with a passion for classical text and ensemble work?


If so, and would like more information or to meet the team to discuss the GHFPS more please click the button below. 

Application process:

200 words on why you think the GHFPS would be good fit for you, and you, for it.


The project is open on a rolling basis. We are keen on building a relationship with producers to make sure we pair up on the right project.

With special thanks to our GHFPS Supporters

Gemma Allred

Stephen Hepburn

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