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Day 15: sweaty as balls

Poor Diaphanta. We burnt her this morning. That scene saw our playing space with its accumulated ruleset pushed to the limit, and then further into the finale. I really enjoyed watching our cramped little world burst open with abstract theatrical possibilities throughout the day.

And then we finished staging the beast. We played the confrontation scene between Beatrice and Alsemero with stillness and physical distance which gave it a new power. It felt like all that previous heightened text work was helping. A couple takeaways at this stage are (1) The table really is our 12th character (2) I’m going be sweaty as balls after every show.

Finally, ’The Patients’, our mad ensemble trio of crooners and swooners, delighted us with some singing. We slotted in the songs, and the result was surreal. It was giving David Lynch... in a late-night pleasure beach casino full of killers.

Mylo McDonald (Alsemero)

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