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Day 16: ski-slope

Well - that’s a wrap!! (don’t panic, only for rehearsals!) This week has been all about putting the play back together after all the detailed excavation work. And yes people - the good news is that the hard work is paying off - we have a play!! (Yay/Phew!). There’s much more to be done for sure - I’m of the view that making theatre is something akin to peeling a never ending onion - you just keep taking off layer after layer, and if you think you’ve reached the core, you’re fucked: there’s always more to explore, discover and play with. Even after the last night.

And so we are now on the ski-slope. Heading into tech next week and then SEVEN - yes - SEVEN previews before we unleash the beast properly on the world. GET READY!

And so the cast now heads to the pub for a much earned pint (or 2 or 3) before heading home for 4 days now - a lovely long weekend - time to reflect, read, embed, think - and importantly - rest.

Emma Wilkinson Wright (Vermandera)

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