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Day 13: Lost track

I've lost track of the days. And I missed Friday's blog.

But here we are. The staging phase of the process. Our final week in the rehearsal room before we move into the Southwark Playhouse.

This is where all of the exploration we've done thus far comes into play - literally and figuratively!

Lots of anxiety on Friday - thinking we have so much to get through in so little time. But today assuaged those fears. We've got through two of the five acts! Plus - we have tech and seven previews to polish things up if need be.

My experience in devised theatre is helping my mindset here; often devised theatre is less about the product and more about the process - the journey that takes us from point A to point B. Of course, we want to create something that's compelling and entertaining - this is not an excuse to lift the foot off the pedal. All of the text work and all of the physical explorations gives us the petrol we need to really put pedal to the metal.

Mikko Juan (Ensemble)


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