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“This is the show to see”
“Visually striking"

"Dynamic production”

The Spy in the Stalls

Christopher Marlowe


John Faustus in search of complete fulfilment sells his soul to the Devil in return for 24 years of unlimited knowledge, power and fame, as the clock strikes 12 on his final day, Mephistopheles enters, repayment is due.

Christopher Marlowe’s extraordinary, fantastical and multi-genre Doctor Faustus comes to the stage in this all-new ensemble production.

Played Thurs 1st Sept - Sat 1st Oct 2022
at Southwark Playhouse


The production contains smoke, haze, smoking, strobe lighting, blood, scenes of a violent and sexual nature. Recommended for ages 14+

Join us on Wednesday 14th September when host Terri Paddock will be joined by Cast and Creative team to delve behind the making process, explore Marlowe's mighty line and find out just what it takes to make a Lazarus ensemble production in our free post show Q&A.


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Doctor Faustus rehearsal photos (by Charles Flint)

Doctor Faustus production photos (by Charles Flint)


Jamie O'Neill – Doctor John Faustus                            

David Angland - Mephistopheles                         

Hamish Somers - Valdes, G Angel, Gluttony, Knight  (Movement Captain)                   

Rachel Kelly - Cornelius, E Angel, Envy, 3rd Scholar                          

Candis Butler Jones - Bride from Hell, Lucifer, Helen of Troy, Paramour

Charis Murray - Sloth, Pope, 2nd Scholar                                  

Henrietta Rhodes - Covetousness, C Loraine, Duchess                                 

Henry Mettle - Wrath, Emperor, Old Man                       

Stefan Capper - Pride, Alexander the Great, 1st Scholar  (Cover Mephistopheles)                              

Jordan Peedell - Lechery, 1st Friar, Duke (Cover Doctor John Faustus)