Re enter the rehearsal room

Re-enter the room. After 16 months we entered our audition room to find the remaining cast members of our 2021 cast of Oscar Wilde's Salomé. Fear and trepidation turned into positivity and inspiration, covid conversations out the way and the room began to play, artists some of whom were auditioning for the very first time interacting with those who due to covid hadn't auditioned for a very long time came together in the spirit of exploration, play and curiosity.

Relieved and humble we were in a fantastic position ie lots of fantastic energised actors to choose from, many of whom we were unable to cast but we know would be fantastic in other roles in projects on the horizon.

And so we now turn our focus to Monday and our first day of rehearsal, into the unknown, into the first day of this new leg of our Salomé production. Amongst the return of fear and anxiety we have a glimmer of excitement, curiosity, adventure and endeavour.

We must dare to dream.

Ricky Dukes

Artistic Director

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