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Day 9: soppy

Today was a moment to watch and learn from the cast. I'm never been in a room with so many people on the pulse of the play, it's what makes this journey special. We ALL know what's happening and involved in the creation, but even more than that I'm in awe of their talent and clarity with the text.

Emma (Vermandera) gave an incredibly powerful performance when speaking of her betrayal. I really found myself leaning in and feeling every beat. Jamie (De Flores) is naturally playful, it's brilliant seeing him try things out and having that dexterity with the text. I could mention every cast member and why they bring so much to this show, but I'll leave that for you all to see when we open. Feeling very proud of the cast today and a bit soppy it seems too, haha.

Alex Bird (Alonzo)

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