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Day 8: Shapes/Sounds

First day of the week. Continued with our text work. We came to a tricky hurdle about 20 pages in. With our gender swap of Vermandero to Vermandera it’s not as simple as switching the pronouns sadly. Potentially need to edit/cut some of the script to make it work because apart from Emma being great, the dynamic of having a matriarch running the castle is creating wonderful playing options. The big stand out of the day for me has to be our movement call this morning. We did an exercise in which, in a circle, we created a base rhythm with a march. In groups we would enter into the circle, improvise through movement and sound whilst the remainder of the cast would keep the base rhythm going. It got bonkers. Now of course this is a great exercise for getting rid of your inhibitions and just responding but the main thing I took from this is trust. I now feel confident trying anything in the room when acting because there is absolutely no way it’s going to be any weirder than some of the shapes/sounds I was making in that circle with Mylo. That’s how you build an ensemble!

Hamish Somers (Ensemble)

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