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Day 8 : Packing

I'm going through peaks and troths with Alonzo, Firstly, I wanted to defend his dullness. Now, I find myself infuriated by the way he views the world. "Yeah mate, look over there, nice shiny stuff" he reminds me of a magpie, just after the shiny stuff and not really doing much thinking. He makes himself look flash as there isn't much to see inwardly.

It's a whole roller coaster at the moment; but don't get me wrong, it's exciting discoveries and I'm finding depth in these characters thanks to the text work and everyone's input.

Without everyone's thoughts, we wouldn't understand this play nearly as well as we do. It's great to all be active in the creation of these people, one person's observation can be a revelation. It's electric! I finding these blogs are excellent for un packing what we've learnt, but I must make sure to spell check them. The last one was a bit illegible to me, haha

Alex Bird (Alonzo)

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