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Day 8: Monday Morning Rave

Nothing like a Monday morning rave at 10am followed by a bit of tribal dancing. This mornings movement experience was sublime - again, finding our heartbeat as an ensemble and coming together in small groups of between two and four to connect through sound, energy, voice and movement: it took me back to my free party days, out in the fields with Exodus, coming together as one. There is something about the rhythmic patterns created through tribal stamping that is just so very core to us as animals. It was fun, thrilling and certainly builds thats sense of togetherness, so crucial to a real ensemble to people all reading each other and connected to each other. Then and afternoon of text exploration and discovery. Patterns and motifs are starting to emerge as we continue to challenge ourselves constantly with that crucial question - what IS this play REALLY about?

Emma Wilkinson Wright (Vermandera)

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