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Day 8: 120

It was four years ago today when my wife and I packed up our lives and moved from Seattle to London. And today I got to spend it in a rehearsal room for a play at the Southwark Playhouse.

Lots of gratitude today.

Started the day with a Gangnam Style dance party. Much needed - I left my flat a little later than I wanted to, which lent me less time for a personal warm up. Not ideal. But leave it to Psy to make my morning that much better.

Did our usual warm ups, did some movement explorations - focusing on rhythm as an ensemble and playing off of each other's energies. And we beat our personal best in Keepy-Uppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

120 is the new score!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We then cracked on with the text work. Some of the scenes we worked on are quite dark on the page - and yet.... I chuckled when watching them. A few of us did, actually.

There's something there... connecting this idea we've been exploring about madness; the hospital plot, how it shines a mirror on the castle plot....

Rambling quite a lot this eve. The heat and exhaustion aren't helping.

Mikko Juan (Ensemble)

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