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Day 7: potential horrors

Alsemero is a finisher. This is a discovery I made during today’s detailed text analysis work. “But I must on, for back I must go.” Regardless of how dodgy a circumstance may be, there appears to be something in Alsemero that keeps going, that must silence his gut and push forward into the metaphorical (and literal) castle of potential horrors. After all, there might be a jewel inside. Regardless of motivation, there’s something I rather admire about someone whose default is to answer calls to adventure.

We got the end of Act One up on its feet. Everyone’s initial instinct was to play the moments in which Beatrice rails at Deflores as private, ‘hush hush’ moments. I impulsively exited before Middleton told me to. When we opened these moments up into a public space, it had a big impact on the scene. It almost felt like her public tellings-off soured Beatrice and Alsemero’s fairytale beginning. Bearing witness to these moments certainly allowed something new in the love triangle to enter the space and linger. I’m not sure what that is yet.

Hand-mics were once again present in the space this afternoon for use in experimenting with Deflores’ relationship with the audience. There’s something satisfying about the sharp changes in vocal dynamics in creating contrast between points of focus. I hope to get my hands on one of those bad boys and do some similar experimentation with Alsemero’s asides.

We had an interesting realisation about how Beatrice’s constant mudslinging might offer her a cathartic release. The sort that’s potentially easier to transform into romantic passion than Alsemero’s comparatively vanilla, performative salutes of affection. This made me think of relationship stages, dating, and how we’re all often just waiting for the games to be over so we can sigh relief, be our ugly selves, let out that fart and be loved for it. I wonder if Deflores loving Beatrice warts and all is something Alsemero is capable of matching?

Finally, we had a brief look at some of the Madhouse scenes which I found very exciting, especially considering I’ve been totally absorbed in the castle plot all week. Hamish and Mikko gave a bit of Alibius and Lollio and it was great stuff, super funny! There was a touch of Lewis Carroll emerging into the rehearsal space and I was here for it.

Mylo McDonald (Alsemero)

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