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Day 7: Actually Mad

End of week 1! It's actually mad to think how much we've done and explored this week. Text work, ensemble building and research. An informed week to help spring board us into next week.

We looked at the first few scenes and made some discoveries about the opinions on Alonzo, I find myself semi in defensive of him when he's described as dull, although it gives me a lot to play. Learning about the play and seeing my other cast mates shape their characters has informed of who Alonzo is. I'm being led by the text in my choices, If you asked me before these sessions I might have told you that Alonzo is "kind" or "just trying to do is best" I think on closer inspection from what we've learnt there is something just un-exciting about him, although I want to back him up I can't help but agree. Maybe this will change, but it's up in the air for now.

Another exciting thing was Friday Night Drinks. Definitely deserved this week! Birdy over and out!

Alex Bird (Alonzo)

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