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Day 7: We're all mad.

I've now reached that point in the process where my good old friend impostor syndrome creeps in. It always happens - and I'm constantly finding ways to keep it at bay.

Over the years it's been easier to manage with every production I take part in. I don't think it will ever go away. But perhaps it's a sign that tells me that I still care about the work I do.

Or I'm just really hard on myself. 🤷🏻‍♂️

In any case... Friday!!!

The text work continued - and we looked at the hospital plot. It's actually VERY funny. Again - it's one thing to read it at home. It's a whole other thing to read it aloud with other people and putting it up on its feet. The hospital plot is, in a way, farcical - and kind of shines a mirror on the castle plot: you think WE'RE the mad ones? Look at what you're doing!

We're all mad.

Ended the day with Friday Night Drinks. A nice way to end a very productive, mentally stimulating, and hot week.

Oh. We have about two weeks left in the rehearsal room. Shitting myself.

Mikko Juan (Ensemble)

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