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Day 6: Connection

In The Changeling, there are three worlds: the church, the castle, and the madhouse.

In our explorations, we've seen evidence of the castle and the church crossing over - in addition to the madhouse with the castle.

Surely the church has SOME crossover with the madhouse? Especially with how prominent Catholicism was in those days, and how it influenced day-to-day life.

It influences the castle. Why not the madhouse?

There wasn't a lot of evidence from our explorations that could support this - textually or otherwise. And that's fascinating to me.


We presented the findings of our research groups. Henrietta and Dane were tasked with the topic of mental health treatment in Jacobean times. It was mentioned that CLERGYMEN were present in the asylums of those days, abusing the patients.

Boom. A connection.

This may not be useful as we keep mining this play. But it's still fascinating.

Mikko Juan (Ensemble)

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