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Day 6:

Hot hot hot. And not just the weather 😉 Cracking day with a gentle warm up followed by a few hours fantastic text work. Was great to get massively granular about the words: (What do you read my Lord? Words. Words. Words)

Then up on our feet and exploring how it might look. Who hears what? What does the audience know? And what the fucking fuck do we do with all these bloody asides?!? The afternoon was then productively spent in straightjackets drilling holes in heads, taking pills for depression, pouring water on the female members hands to check for virginity, and discovering how dreadfully women have been treated at the hands of societal law for centuries. Fun fun fun. Oh - and a bit of serious research about Spanish politics, the military, Catholicism and architecture too 😉😂👌. May the fun continue tomorrow!

Emma Wilkinson Wright (Vermandera)

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