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Day 5: My Brain Is Starting To Get Fucked.

Felt my mind wandering at the start of the day. Took more care in quieting it down in my personal warm up. The work we were about to do requires as much brain power I could muster.

A few of my fellow cast mates have already written about the ball game we've been playing at the start of the day. Today we played it differently. With hilarious results.

We tossed the balls around - warming up our communication muscles, our tethers as an ensemble. Then we added on bits of story:

For one ball, we had to name something from an Argos catalog, and then put "With a" in front of it.

For me, it was: "With a frying pan."

Another ball was a location.

For me: "In the chapel."

Another ball was a famous person:

"It was Harrison Ford."

The last ball was an emotion:

"It was infuriating."

Hilarity ensued. I heard phrases such as: "It was Donald Trump, with a Lego set, in the dungeon."

Or, "It was euphoric in the bedroom with a spade" as each ball was being tossed around.

I love these warm ups.

The rest of the day was all about the text. Discussion. Working on our feet. Mining every bit of possibility we could in the time we had. The day ended with an illuminating session with a Changeling expert! Dr. Sarah was kind enough to give us all of her insights on this piece of text. Everything from the time period in which it was written in, to the venue it premiered at centuries ago.

Lots of questions were answered. Lots more offers to play around with.

Mikko Juan (Ensemble)

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