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Day 5:

We started today building our ensemble relationship further. I had a really proud moment today; we play this game where we send a ball around, saying our name, thank the person and send it on to someone else. We graduated to 4 balls today, and I felt able to handle it with ease. Sometimes even taking on extra balls. Perhaps I need to thank my ensemble, they are obviously communicating well and helping me to perform at my best.

We then explored some text work, going through the meaning and parts of thoughts. I watched my fellow cast mates first scene and the text work is really benefiting us. Everyone is clear and knows what they are saying. They are also rather brilliant.

We explored a bit of Alonzo and Tomazo text too. I'm starting to get a clearer image of Alonzo, not quite what I saw at the beginning, but I'm liking where he is heading.

Alex Bird (Alonzo)

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