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Day 4: Ball, balls and more balls

A huge amount of brain-frying fun with balls this morning. Ball, balls and more balls. I mean how many can one cope with?!?

Another lovely warm up and a few exercises to wake up the senses. Then a really fruitful group devising session generated lots of fantastically bonkers stuff - at one point I scanned the room and half the cast had completely wrapped their heads in white wraps and were attempting to move as one across the room (and yes they succeeded!). Lots of creative fun was had with candlesticks, trollies and majestic material! I think one of the (many, many ) things I absolutely love about my work as an actor is that I am constantly learning - physically, vocally, emotionally and also actually content. The number of books I’ve read by way of research for characters I’ve played this year….. and I love it. This constant process of learning, of growing ,of discovery. I spent the afternoon continuing my research of the political military and religious context in Spain up to 1630. Fascinating.

Emma Wilkinson Wright (Vermandera)

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