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Day 3: cathartic madness

I've done my 101 ways to do our lines, which the neighbours didn't appreciate as much as myself, and feel they are sitting in my body more. I'm a naturally fast talker, so using vowel chains to give more space in the words has proved incredibly useful. I've found that Alonzo loves his vowels; can't get enough of them. I'm sure vital when exploring his character more.

On with today; we stretched, we came together again as an ensemble and shared some images of exploration into the play. I've always enjoyed ensemble exercises; one exercise today we passed vowel sounds around the circle, taken out any preemptive thoughts and allowing what we recieve to guide our decisions. I thoroughly enjoyed this cathartic madness and especially enjoyed seeing us all be open to suggestions.

We had to bring in images for specific moments in the play. I've always been a visual learner, I have to see it for it to stick in my head and today was so helpful in understanding our feelings of different moments in the play. A great Derren Brown quote keeps sticking in my head: "We're are terrible at reading what goes on in other people's heads because we are trapped inside our own"

Alex Bird (Alonzo)

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