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Day 2: Creative jam

Movement. Possibilities.

A lot of the work today focused on getting the mind, body, and voice in gear for the work. Building the foundations as an ensemble - one unit, with its unique, individual cogs.

I'm remembering when I was first doing these exercises in the rehearsal room of Lazarus' 2020 production of Macbeth. I feel that my physical stamina and awareness has improved since then. That's not to say that there isn't the potential to reach farther - because there absolutely is. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention how much my concentration and focus has taken a toll due to the pandemic and my reliance on social media.

There was a moment during a listening and breathing exercise today that I felt was going on for too long. I felt myself getting fidgety. But as I honed in on the listening, I caught wind of the sound of my neighbors' breathing, to which I followed with my own conscious breathing. The rest of the time, I felt more relaxed. More focused.

When we inevitably do this play multiple times a week, there will be moments where I go through the motions. Hitting my marks. Saying my lines.


How do I prevent this from happening? How can I stay conscious of my choices on stage - active in my communication of the text? What's the thing that I can hone in on when I lose all focus? Because if I lose it, so will the audience.

A weekend to mull things over. Belated birthday celebrations and more creative jams. And then we dig into Middleton and Rowley’s text. A realm of possibilities. But which ones will stick?

Mikko Juan (Ensemble)

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