“Art is not a mirror held up to reality but a hammer with which to shape it.”

Bertolt Brecht

Through workshops, research and development and audience engagement, we ensure our productions are sustainable and retains impact long after the curtain falls.


We seek to reach and inspire those who have barriers to experiencing live theatre by celebrating cultural diversity, expanding audience’s and artist’s horizons.


We are committed to reinvestigating, revitalising and reimaging classic stories making them accessible for a contemporary audience.


To inspire and celebrate artists from all backgrounds and experiences with an emphasis on ensemble, working collaboratively and collectively.


We acknowledge and celebrate that we are all richer if everyone has access to great theatre. 

"Theatre is going to be so important moving forward, our kids have missed out on so much. Their cultural knowledge and experience of the world is shrinking."

Mrs Tolley, Bishop Milner School

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Denis Rae and the 2019 Company of Lord of the Flies in rehearsal, Image taken by Adam Trigg.