We've provided some more information below about booking and watching the stream of Christopher Marlowe's Doctor Faustus. If you have any further queries you can email lazarustheatre@hotmail.co.uk.

Why is there are a limited number of tickets?
We need to limit the number of people who can watch the live stream to ensure everyone receives a high-quality stream and we can offer help and tech support to anyone who needs it.

We also want to give a high quality and personal service to everyone who is joining us. We have a small team of people working virtually who manage all the bookings and are on hand to offer support to all our viewers, helping everyone set up as well as dealing with any technical issues.

How do I access the stream?
To watch the live stream, follow the link that you receive at 7pm (GMT) on the evening of performance.

What is the running time?
The running time is approximately 90 minutes without interval.

How many tickets do I need to book?
You need to book one ticket per screen, even if you are watching with multiple people on the same screen. However, if you are watching the performance with more people, we ask that you consider paying what you would have paid for the number of people watching using the buttons with increased ticket price, which includes a donation.

If you want to access the stream from multiple devices or from multiple households, you need to purchase a ticket for each device. You will not be able to share your link to the performance with others.

Can I watch if I don’t live in the UK?
Absolutely! We welcome viewers around the globe.

What time zone is the performance time in?
The stream will be available for 24 hours from 8pm (GMT).

Will the live stream be captioned?
Yes, you will be sent two links, a captioned and a non captioned performance link. (Captions are in English)

Will the live stream be audio described?
This performance will not be audio described.

Will I be able to pause or watch back the performance?
Yes, the stream will be available for 24 hours.  

On which devices will I be able to watch?
You will be able to watch on any device, such as a computer, smartphone or tablet with a stable internet connection.

Can I watch the performance on my phone?
Yes, you will be able to watch on a smartphone with a stable internet connection.

Can I share the performance to a TV?
Yes, there are multiple ways you can achieve this depending on what devices you are using. Popular methods for doing this include:

  • Casting to your TV: If using a laptop or desktop, we recommend using Google Chrome. In the top right of your Chrome browser window select the three dot menu, then select 'Cast...' and choose your casting device. If using an Android device you can cast your device screen using the Google Home app. If using an Apple device you can mirror your screen to an Apple TV device.

  • Connecting your laptop to your TV via HDMI: Connect the HDMI cable to your laptop and TV, then select the relevant output source on your TV. This will then mirror your laptop screen to your TV.

  • Using an internet browser on your Smart TV: Open your Smart TV's integrated browser and then click the link you receive at 7pm (GMT).

Can I buy a ticket for someone else to watch?
Yes, you can. You will just need to use their email address when purchasing the ticket.

Why are there different ticket prices?
Each ticketholder will have access to the same view. We ask that audiences consider paying close to what they would normally spend on a theatre ticket. Your support is vital to help secure the future of our theatre company - each and every penny makes a difference as we emerge from the pandemic.

I've booked for the live stream but haven't received an email confirmation, what should I do?
Please double check your junk/spam folder for the email confirmation.

It will have come from Lazarus Theatre Company no-reply@my.store-emails.com with the subject line: Thanks for your payment to Lazarus Theatre Company. This will be followed by an email from lazarustheatre@hotmail.co.uk the day after your ticket purchase. If you still can’t find either confirmation email please contact us and we will be happy to send out another, email lazarustheatre@hotmail.co.uk.

Can I book tickets for a school or other group?
Yes! This can be done through the contact box on the box office page.


If you have any further queries please contact the team on lazarustheatre@hotmail.co.uk.